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ghosts, a video about ptsd

hi there! i just thought i'd update you on what i've been working on lately. between working on my book, i've also been writing short pieces and making videos. my latest video, ghosts, which focuses on ptsd, is now on youtube and can be viewed here:

i taught myself a few new techniques when creating ghosts, including animation and messing around with combining premiere pro and after effects to get new results. it was a lot of fun, and i love my little ghost friend. ghosts is a very personal video (aren't they all?) and i hope you can relate in some way. we all carry ghosts, in one way or another, and i think that's what ghosts is about.

i finished reading aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe, and would recommend it to absolutely anyone. it's a beautiful book and if i had one tenth of that amount of skill with words, i'd never stop writing. i didn't want it to end, i devoured it, staving off sleep for as long as possible to finish it. 

anyway, thank you for stopping by.

all my love,

poe xx

Charlotte Amelia Poe